Viagem pela Europa
Viagem pela Europa
Viagem pela Europa
Viagem pela Europa
Viagem pela Europa


By the Lands of Cabral, Cervantes and Napoleon


Since a trip to Europe in 2001, we were dreaming to return to the "old world" to visit others countries, evidently that it has to be done by motorbike.

As additional motivation, a chance appeared: A Portuguese biker that in 2005 travelled though Brazil, which we did not meet him personally, however we change phone calls and e-mails, and through Milene, a friend from Jaraguá do Sul (Santa Catarina state), had read one of my books. When contacting again approaching it this pretension, he offered the necessary support to us to do the trip, also doing a special price for the motorbike rental, let us say, something "brother for brother", or either, an irrecusably thing . In that way, we program the vacations, we bought the airplane tickets and we confirm the "rent" of the motorbike.

In Portugal, as we already knew, we feel ourselves at home, therefore beyond this motorcyclist friend, we had the couple Paulo and Nautilha, fathers-in-law of my daughter, or either, almost relatives (later we learned that in Portugal this relation is called of "compadre"). In the airport waiting for us, were this couple and also Carlos and his friend Teles, the owner of the motorbike that we were going to travel, a BMW GS 1.150. Carlos and Teles, very kind, they had everything by hand: motorbike, reserve of the hotel, maps, GPS and lots of tips. We offer to these motorcyclists friends t-shirts of BRAZIL RIDER'S, a virtual motorbike group; also giving to Teles my last book. Carlos already had this and the previous one, through Milene.

Perceptions on the Trip

This trip did not offer any challenge as others that we have done before, or either, was what we call "motorbike tourism", excellent roads, with a trustworthy motorbike from motorcyclist that undertakes great trips, of form that everything conspired our favour. One thing, that happened to us, and also a curiosity, was to find bill boards on the roads indicating cities with our names, a good signal, or either, nothing adventurous, just a beautiful and waited motorbike trip in Europe.

Carlos Azevedo(e) and Teles(d) - in detail: Paulo and Nautilha

For us, Brazilians, a great challenge for a trip like this is to face an exchange not favourable of 3 for 1, better to be preparing to consider the change 1 for 1 for not feeling frustrate. Moreover, the sad feeling of ours roads in Brazil. In these countries in Europe, they have an excellent toll highway, however we also have options to reach the objective in roads called "national", the majority superior to ours (some of them, just exactly as ours toll one’s in Brazil).

Another perception is the price nonsense of our gasoline that is similar to these countries (in this period, in average, 1 litre of the gasoline cost 1 Euro, or either, practically the price of ours, but, as we know, it has price of first world however quality of third. From Portugal we take the impression of a country with beautiful cities and landscape sufficiently varied what it pleases to the motorcyclist that, normally, likes to enjoy the nature.

Also, the Portuguese are kind and very hospitable.

In Spain, we brought with us the memory of an absolutely fantastic city as Toledo, Granada, Santiago de Compostela, Cadiz and Seville, and some others more, however the landscape of the regions for us, is a littler monotonous, except in relation to the part of the Cataluña and Sierra Nevada.

In France, a country that already we knew, the perception of an educated people who really knows how to treat the tourists, also beautiful landscapes and cities, only with a price, in general, more raised than in others visited countries. The bad side to leave Brazil to travel by motorbike in Europe is the tiring hours in an airplane, absolutely stressfully; however, we do not have other options beyond air and surface.

O lado ruim de sair do Brasil para viajar de moto pela Europa são os cansativos trajetos de avião, absolutamente sem graça e estressantes, porém, não há outras opções além da aérea e marítima.

Day-by-day of the Trip

TEST OF RESISTANCE - 23 and 24/09

Everything adjusted; the trip was programmed for 21/09/06, Thursday, from Florianópolis - Buenos Aires - Madrid - Lisbon, considering the possibility to start the trip in the first day of the vacations. One week before the trip, the aerial company, unilaterally, modified the emitted tickets, transferring the trip to two days after, Saturday, 23, it caused some upheavals in relation to the reserve of the hotel in Lisbon, but, worse, and we reduced 2 days of the vacations. In that way ,we left Florianópolis to Buenos Aires, a travel that demand 2 hours in air, however that it took others 13 hours flying, customs procedure and waiting for connections in airports, what proves our rejection for this type of trip.

From Buenos Aires we fly to Madrid only at 21:30 p.m, we were already tired, aggravated for the fatigue of the previous flight. Can you imagine 14 hours squashed in an armchair of an airplane and others in queues for customs formalities, what takes us to the limits of stress. In that way, with time lag (and confused) five hours more, about 18:00 p.m we arrived in Lisbon, our starting point for the trip in itself. Starting point, because until that time, it wasn’t vacation and yes sacrifices necessary to start it.


In the Monday, we get up late in the morning. No matter how hard we wanted, it was not easy if to adapt to the time lag of + 5 hours compared to Brazil. We take coffee, we glue adhesives of the “ Toca” and BRAZIL RIDERS in the great GS 1150 e, and very carefully we take a ride around Lisbon.

Trying to adapted to the motorbike, we follow for the edge of the River “Tejo”, stop in tourist points as the famous “Tower of Belém”, the landmark of the discovery (Brazil) and the “Bridge 25 of April”, where we made photos and filming, I also take a ride at the town centre, returning to the hotel only at lunch time.

Belem Tower - Lisboa

In the afternoon we initiate the unfruitful search for a Cyber Coffee to put some information at our site, however ,we find nothing. We decide, then, to contact our almost "relative" Paulo Santos and Nautilha, so that we could give a "ride" around Lisbon, after all they have been in Portugal more than 20 years, as a result of this, knowing the main points and interesting spots of the City and adjacencies.


We follow in direction to a called locality Entre-os-Rios, whose access for small villages is a paradox in relation to auto the roads. We lunch in a bucolic restaurant and, of this time, we do not resist in taking an excellent green wine.

With Fernando Pessoa

We know Sintra, we went there by a car, also a great part of Lisbon and walk around the old centre of the City, with Pablo explaining historical and curious details, therefore it is about a great expert, taking us to locals that we never think to visit, such as the bar where Bocage ("cursed" writer at his time), wrote chronicles, soap operas and jokes and also, the Brazilian Coffee, where another intellectual have been at his time: Fernando Pessoa. When the night was falling, we crossed the extensive Vasco da Gama Bridge and went to have dinner. An excellent cod in a restaurant known for the couple, or either, finish for knowing cultural aspects l of Portugal not only, but, also, gastronomists.


We left Lisbon about 9:00 in the morning, facing a traffic jam and much heat. Worse, we catch a wrong intersection and we were in directing for "I do not know where". After being at the right way, we went in direction of north for the auto track, not the way recommended by Carlos, where he give suggestions of interesting places.

In this passage we made a fast stopped in “Fatima”, for a photo in the famous basilica, from where we follow for secondary roads in direction to the Monastery of the Battle, patrimony of the humanity. We photograph the place external and we follow ahead, again, using the secondary road that goes parallel the auto track.

We were next to the City of the Port, distant about 400 km Lisbon; however we decide to look for hotel in small before arriving there. In the first attempt nothing we find, however in second, in “Vale de Cambra”, finally we find pleasant inn, managed for kind people. Despite of being a simple place, had the wireless net, so, we were able to put some information at ours website.

It was ours 31º anniversary of marriage (26/09) and I did not remember the date, therefore all the concentration was on the trip. Any way, to travel by motorbike in Europe, by itself is a commemoration. I believe that Lourdinha agreed with me !

IN SPAIN – FOR VIGO, “ME VOY…” - 27/09

We wake up, once again, late, what indicated still a lack of adaptation to the local time (or would be laziness), therefore we leave only at 10:00h in direction to Port, ahead about 40 km. We decide not to go to Port, following to the city of Paredes, a small city in the neighbourhoods, where a brother-in-law from Rondônia, works. To locate the address was not a easy task, we had the telephone number, however we wanted to make a surprise, because she did not that we were travelling in Portugal. With the help from a likeable manager of a gas station we obtain the address and the contact was fast, only for photos and hugs.

Our intention was to spend the night in Vigo, city that brings memory of one old song (that it gives name to the topic of this part of the trip), however we do not find fine hotels, in that way we follow until Pontevedra, distant only 60 km from Santiago de Compostela, where we stayed in a hotel, at this time, the motorbike spent the night in the street. Before this locality, I lost my gloves, what caused me a certain frustration; however I could do nothing.

Rio Douro Valley

We return from this locality bordering the River Douro in direction to the Port, where we take the auto track and we speed up in direction to the North, passing by Braga, Barcelos (that one is very famous for the rooster, symbol of Portugal) and Valencia. We had ride only about 100 km and already we were in Spain.


Again we left late, at about 10:00 in the morning, I had adjusted the alarm of the mobile phone, but its hour continued of Brazil, 5 hours less. A fine rain started to fall and I missed my gloves, no-rain or cold. Fortunately, in the exit of the City I sighted a store of motorbikes that had this accessory, from excellent quality and chipper than Brazil. Clearly, I had to buy them! We arrive, with rain, in Santiago de Compostela, circulate for the streets and we look a place to park the motorbike, so we could cover the center of the City by foot. Without a doubt, Santiago not only deserves the fame that has around the world, for the religious or esoteric side of the pilgrims whom they make the famous way, but for the city. The old centre is a true medieval city that carries us to other a long, long time ago. The famous cathedral has the same beauty architectural for who is not there for religion, as my case.

Santiago of Compostela

We observed the pilgrims from all over the world, with its cajados, which, certainly, carried through by reaching this important objective: the "Way of Santiago", you have a lot of ways to arrive, one of which is about 800 km.

To use all the time, from Santiago we decided to take the auto track, however before La Corunna we take a secondary road in direction to Betanzos, this yes, a made right decision, therefore the highway follows bordering the ocean and crossing small villages and cities, in good curves and with little traffic, as the motorcyclists like. Our breakpoint to spend the night was the city of Viveiro.


We start to border the Cantabric Sea and arriving to the “Principado de Astúrias”, we were surprised with the finding very interesting the landscape. This region also is called Green Coast and the highway literally follows bordering the sea. The next cities are Ribadeo and the Olviedo. At this time we have visited a species of headland, and incredible cliffs, we had have to see that closer. The place is really surprising, and the place deserves to be well known by the name of "green coast".


A few kilometres ahead we saw indications of the National Park Peaks of Europe, arrive to leave the main highway in intention to visit this attraction, return and we arrive until Ribadesella, a species of health-resort, very beautiful, however we decide to go ahead, heading in direction to Santander and Bilbao, two great cities that we passed by.

In a gas station we met a motorcyclist interested in knowing a little more about our trip, insisting on speaking only in English, even he was Spanish, for which I give an adhesive and my personal card with addresses, recommending that he give a look in my site.

We start to look for a hotel, after all we had covered something about 400 km, however nothing we find in the small cities and small villages. By the way, places that we thought to be small villages, in the truth were great cities and with surprisingly busy! However the hotel was bad or excessively expensive, in that way we follow ahead and when we saw, we were in San Sebastian (that one of the film the Cannons of San Sebastian). This city I had intended to know better, however coincided that in this date a cinema festival was taking place there, so was crowdie and hotels and pensions were overcrowded. Any way I cold see that was a beautiful city, with a river cutting its extension, beautiful and old bridges and apparently with a very interesting "an old" center. The option was to follow ahead, in direction to France, stopping in the first city after San Sebastian where we find a pension very simple, however it seems to be the best hotel in the world that in these heights in them it seemed the best one of the world, after all we were really tired. We went to be accommodate, after we went for a dinner and a bottle of wine, and bed!!!

IN FRANCE - 30/09

Saturday come with a little rainfall, as always, we wake up late, at about 09:00 hours. In few minutes we were in France and start the fight with the automatic tolls. In the first I did not observed that it had a species of funnel so that we should put the coins to pay it. I pressed the button of "Help”, because was forming a big line behind the motorbike. With the aid of a employee, I finally cold pay the toll, however we little cover more than 50 kilometres and there was a new position of toll. Of this time wise person on as to place the currencies, however, where they were? It only had notes, so I pressed the Help keyboard key again and, of this time, the solution was the Credit card, therefore the impatient behind us already started to look annoyed. Luck that, in the majority, the drivers are well-behaved! We droved for an auto track in direction to Bordeaux, without before some confusion not to take the access of La Rochelle, a city that was in our script (in the truth we did not know why! Certainly we read something about), what we resolve with the help out from a motorcyclist that guided us until the correct exit. Parenthetically, we observe a bigger number of motorbikes in circulation and, in its majority, all give complimented to the other crossing, even with the foot. It was not the exactly way that we had planned to arrive to La Rochelle, however there are so many tracks that go ahead to the same places, it did not make great difference, or better, it does! Because this highway took us in direction of Cognac, where the star drink appeared, a beautiful region with enormous vineyards extended by the highway, small old distinctive villages on the Europeans landscapes and many indications of wines and brandies, of course!

To Next Cognac

A strange detail of this passage was that, when stopping in a gas station to supply the motorbike, it did not have nobody, it was Saturday, or either, would have that to supply only with the credit card. As I was confused, I decided to ask for help to a old lady who was next to us. However! In the Europe all speak in low tone, however I, speak louder: Madame, S'il vous plait....etc e, and for my surprise, she took hers hands to the ears, certainly bothered for my tone of voice. Certainly it must have pronounced something as "Mon Dieu"!

La Rochelle

To compensate the consuming of the previous day in trying to find lodging, around 17:30 , we were already looking for hotels and pensions, when arriving in Saintes, a little before La Rochelle, we decide to spend the night there. It is a pity in this locality not to find a Cyber Coffee to bring up to date our website, possibly on Saturday.


When we wake up, again about 09:30h, watching the fog, we did not hurry up to leave. We take coffee peaceful and went to the town centre to make some photos. We start in direction to La Rochelle, city that was in our script, a beautiful city with an incredible old centre, small narrow streets and constructions that are a true work of art, as much other in this region. From La Rochelle we follow to northeast direction heading to Cholet and from there, to Saumur, located to the edges of the River Loire, our main objective in France to see the castles on the boundaries of this river, acknowledged region as Valley of the Loire. In elapsing of our passage we sighted bill boards indicating famous castles of the region, however, apparently, to known they, it would required to leave the highway, however in Saumur, le Chateau de Saumur is positioned in the heart of the city, arrived at the extreme point north of the trip and we could appreciate an perfect vision of a story castle of fairies. Situated in a hill, with the River La Loire in the background, the image of the castle was something majestically. We made many images in photos and videos, therefore this moment had the same importance of other occurrences in our trips, as the photo that we made in the end of Ruta 3, In the Land of the Fire, or either, an extreme point (in that case, only of this trip) and subsequent to this visual gladness, we decide to look a hotel to rest, so we could think about going the back returning to Spain, evidently by other roads, evidently.

Le Chateaux of Seumur


In this trip, our schedule of departure in morning is being between the 9 and 10 hours, and today it wasn’t different, the day comes with a little rainfall. We take one big breakfast; we thank the manager of the hotel that gently in night before made the possible and the impossible so that we had a connection in the Internet through Wi-Fi, however nothing was possible. He recharged the batteries of our photographic machine, contrary case we would have to buy batteries to each 2 days. We follow in direction to Tolouse, distant about 500 kilometres of Saumur, driving in secondary roads, where at least we search possible attractions. However, we made beautiful photos of wind mills and smaller castles, beyond other interesting points of the landscape. When the night-time was coming, as always, we were stopping in small villages and cities the search of rooms, what!, in France, is something surprising, what they the calls "villages", common and apparently old constructions, hide from view, many times, fine environments, or either, never we must pay attention to the external appearance. A fact that called my attention in France is the few options of connection to the Internet in the small cities. Worse, when existing, they lock up the expedient early, they do not function thus in the ends of week,or either, a difficulty to use this so necessary tool currently. Fortunately, in the hotel where we spend the night, we were able to use the computer, putting four days of information from the trip.


The "village" where we spend the night (which I did not wrote down the name), was located before Cahors, a city situated about 100 kilometres north of Toulouse. Of this, we leave for returns of 09:30h, with fine rain and much lateral wind. By the way, wind similar to the Patagonia Argentina, we do not only know if they are common in the region or they had so only occurred at that time. In a service station I made this question to one person from the region, however my tune of the word "wind" in French (vent), very next to "vine" (wine), certainly confused the same, therefore it started to discourse about Bordeaux, famous for its wines, or either, who orders not to know to make "little mouth” to speak in French? We cross direct for Toulouse, a great city, following in direction to the Foix, of smaller and next to the border with the Principality of Andorra. From this point the wind diminished, however we start to go up the Pyrenees and the cold increased a lot, becoming necessary to use for the first time the linings of our clothes. Going up each time more, we faced a strong fog, with practically unacceptable visibility, many curves and a freezing cold. In the top of the Pyrenees (2,408 m.s.n.m.) the temperature was next To 0º, so the fog in the external part of our clothes was crystallized.

Strong Fog in the Pyrenees

We start to go down and in a short time the fog disappeared, showing us a beautiful landscape of Andorra, valleys, small villages with well-taken care constructions and a full affable road with curves and bridges made by stones. We arrive early at the Capital of the Principality, a different place, total immovable place in a valley, with an intense transit, however educated, strong commerce of imported products and beautiful constructions, in the middle of which, one called our attention due to the form pyramid of glass, that, at first I thought was a cathedral, however in the truth was a species of aquatic centre, with panoramic elevator, bars, parking and other types of commerce, place that, without a doubt, deserved our visit to appreciate the city from the top.

Hotel in Andorra


In the morning we went around the Principality of Andorra, observing that in the peaks highest it had snow. We follow in direction to Spain by the valley that leads to the Region of Cataluña, with beautiful valleys, tunnels and incredible walls of rock in a yellow tone where we made good photos.

Beautifull Landscape in Catalunya

In counterpoint to this beautiful landscape, after to leave this region, if discloses a vast plain without any attractive, strong winds and a great number of trucks that, apparently, carry products from, farm animals, vineyards, fruits, etc. This passage without any attractive kept for 100 kilometres until the city of Zaragoza really, the worse part of trip until this date. We arrived in Zaragoza early, and we look for a hotel, we park the motorbike and we went quickly circulate for the Pillar Square, a colossal space with majestically constructions, beautiful churches and an agitated commerce. We finish the day drinking a good wine of the region in the hotel room.

The Famous Pilar in Zaragoza

Chaotic Madrid - 05/10

The passage between Zaragoza and Madrid, about 300 kilometres, does not have great attractive, however he was less repetitive and with modest winds that the previous one. We stop 100 kilometres before Madrid lunching and making a photo in front an indicative bill board of the Capital of Spain, after all this would be a great expectation of the trip, therefore until then we only knew the airport. We arrived to the City and we start to look for a hotel, however nobody could give us this information, it seems to me that Madrid does not have hotels. We circulate from one side to another and after 01 hour we decide to leave quickly to look for accommodation, also an unproductive try. In that way we decide to follow to south, direction to Toledo, distant only 70 kilometres, after all, this city was in the script of the trip. However, to leave Madrid in direction Toledo we have more difficult! We imagined, therefore they had great shunting lines and mans working for all sides of the city. Moreover, the transit was chaotic, with big traffic jam. After all, 01 hour circulating as an idiot, we find the exit and we head in direction to Toledo, arriving already when becoming dark. We arrive in Toledo and we found a gracious hotel, we leave the hotel to have supper and we were very well come to the restaurant.

The Beautifull Toledo


Really, to like a city is case of "love at the first view", or you like or you do not like. So it was with Toledo, even more if considering ours stress in Madrid. The beautiful city is situated in the top of a hill, enclosed for medieval constructions, surrounded for the River Tajo, beautiful old bridges, arcs and magnificent churches and castles. We made really interesting photos and we return to the hotel already with the intention to spend the night, and one more night, after all, we intended to return to the Madrid. Here it is that an idea appeared: to leave the motorbike and go by bus or train, after all it was only 70 kilometres. As we know of the existence the "high speed" train, then, we decide to make this option. In fact, the kind of railroad services in Europe is something fantastic, what we proved now. In only 30 minutes, we made the trip between the two cities, with absolutely rigorous schedule in relation to the departure and the arrival. We cover the Centre of Madrid, reconsidering our first impression on the same one, mainly for the chance to make a series of photos of its beautiful avenues, squares and constructions of an beauty, beyond the fact to visit the Museum of Prado. We return early to Toledo to give sequence to the trip.


From Toledo we follow in direction to Córdoba, a way without attractive, however with good roads and little flow of vehicles. We arrive in Córdoba,the city in itself is not so interesting from our point of view, we only made some images closeness of a famous mosque. As it was early, we follow ahead in direction to Granada. In this way we had one of the worse surprises of the trip until then, therefore it had policing with mobile radars, such which we see in Brazil, I was stopped and they say to me that I was over the speedy limit allowed for the place. I argue that we were tourist, that I did not see signalling, etc., It did not work! We were fined in 364 Euros, something to leave any one furious; however, I couldn’t do anything! Not so frustrating how much the fine, but also uncomfortable, was to arrive in Granada and not find lodging, therefore the city was full of people for the weekend. We look for in places around Granada, however nothing we obtain, so we drove in direction to Sierra Nevada. One is about a great passage in the mountains, many curves and already becoming gloomy, in a high point of this passage, we find a hotel and restaurant, at this time with vacant, so we spend the night there.

Granada Downtown


In the morning, we return to Granada, because it was a city that we wanted to see closer. We circulate in the town centre, we made some images and we follow in direction to the Sierra Nevada, distant about 30 kilometres from Granada.

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is a winter sports resort, situated at 2,000 meters of altitude, whose access is made by a road with many curves, where is beautiful sight of the region. The way remember a little Gramado/Canela ( In the south of Brazil) and, also, the Mountain range of the Rio do Rastro (also in the south of Brazil, at Santa Catarina state). Again some photographic registers and return to Granada to take the motorbike and ahead to Málaga. We made only 100 kilometres and there we were in the coasts of the Mediterranean, south of Spain. Málaga is a pleasant city, with much attractive e, better, had available hotels, differently from Granada. As we arrive early, make possible to circulate around for its centre, to put some information and notices at our website,to make photographic registers and to rest. In the afternoon, we left the hotel to make some nocturnal photographs, observing the splendid constructions, also to have good "paella" in a restaurant where we can seat in the sidewalk and, with time, to program the script of the following day.


THE SUN COST - 09/10

In the morning we went for a walk on the small streets of beautiful Málaga and visit the house of Picasso ( the illustrious son), transformed into a species of museum, we follow in direction to Marbela, Gilbraltar and Algeciras. Gibraltar is where the ferry-boats leaves to cross the Strait of Gibraltar in direction to the African Continent, trip that lasts in average two hours. We had the intention to make this passage, exactly which it was for returning from the first locality of that Continent, only stops "for the foot in Africa". However, the 100euros for the ticket and the departure time made as changed ours minds. We made some photos in Gibraltar, following in direction Cadiz, in a highway that practically follows all the time the Mediterranean, with sufficient wind in certain passages, beautiful constructions and much tourist structure.


Cadiz is a great city in the edge of the Mediterranean, important port, distant about 100 kilometres of Seville, consisting of a modern part and another old one, in this night we had one of the best dishes of the trip, a fresh lobster, evidently, "sufficiently expensive" for our standard.


ADIÓS SPAIN! - 10/10

In the morning we circulate a little for Cadiz, with the intention to make some registers in photos and video, therefore we observe in the previous day that we were in special city. In fact, to register our passage for places as squares with well-taken care gardens, the walk by the sea, old constructions contrasting with magnificent avenues, at last, beautiful images that had been valid, in fact, for the time with we spend. We take the way to Seville, a city which we had recommendations for security aspects, what it tends to create a certain negative reaction. However, we had total different sensation! A city that immediately enthusiastic for the beautiful architecture and general aspect, in form that we park the motorbike and decide to walk by foot around the town centre. Observing covered carts (a kind of wagon pulling by horses) we make the same as conventional tourists, a right decision! Walking with our clothes of trip certainly wasn’t pleasant. We made beauties registers in photos and videos and went in direction Portugal, distant only 400 kilometres.


We cross the border and we look for lodging in a city called Beja, which seemed a small locality, however, one more time, I was wrong, it was a relatively big city.


As we were sufficiently next to Lisbon, we wake up late, we circulate a little for the streets of Beja (the more confused streets for which we have passed), we bought some souvenirs to give to some friends, pack the things in the motorbike and leave the city. About 14:00 hours we were in Lisbon, in the same hotel when we arrived, everything arranged for this incredible person who each day we admired more and more, the motorcyclist friend Carlos Azevedo. In the morning our Nautilha´s friend, , sent an employee to the hotel so we would be able to spend one day more together. We have been to his company, we went for shopping, we lunch and after we return to the hotel to rest. In the end of the afternoon, Carlos Azevedo, our friend, suggested us to go to Cabo das Rocas, far 40 kilometres from Lisbon, it is the more occidental point in Europe. We made incredible images of the place and of the sun set, after all we went to the hotel to rest.

Roca's Cape

Conclusion and Grateful

We have covered 5,700 kilometers by motorbike, passing by Portugal, Spain and France, without any frightening, allowing us to pass for places that, almost always, had surpassed our expectative. We are accustomed the eventual frightening in the journey; however of this time, nothing scare.( just the fine in Euros). Certainly, a trip of great memories. We thank God and our angels (that they had had that to fly a bit more) for the protection in these 5,700 kilometres during 20 days. To our friend Carlos Azevedo, a motorcyclist in the true meaning of the word and Teles, owner of BMW GS 1150, which exactly with more than 200,000 kilometres in the odometer was fantastic all the trip, our affection and consideration. Also our gratefulness to the couple "compadre" Pablo and Nautilha who had treated them as kings in Lisbon. To Milene , our friend from Jaraguá do Sul, in the South-SC, also our affection, who make possible the first contact with Azevedo. It was not the affection and devotion of these people, true friends, certainly this objective would not be reached. To our relatives and so many friends who followed us thought the website, in special to who wrote for us, our sincere gratefulness.


1.Even with a low price, avoid the airplane connection going from Brazil, though Buenos Aires, Madrid and finally Lisbon. It is too long, and the time spent on queues, airports, etc. It is something that makes everyone be irritated and it is not worth;

2.The Portuguese spoken in Portugal is quite different from the Portuguese spoken in Brazil. So, the level of difficult to speak is almost the same as to speak a strange language;

3.To travel trough the Europe, the change of Euro and the Real, is one for one. If you try to compare it, it would be very frustrating, so it is better to be financial prepared;

4.If you like to enjoy bucolic landscapes, beware the auto tracks. But, if you need hurry, they are the best way to get anywhere!The gas, on the average, cost about one Euro, about 1,20 in Portugal and France and in Spain, about 0,90;

5.If you see just the number, you might think that they are the same as in Brazil, but you have also to see the quality, good services, installation etc. They are very superior to us, even at the simple hotels;

6.With some control, we did not drove over 400km in the same day, spending 120 euros per day, it is possible to cover the daily expenses as, the gas, hotel and food (even with wine at dinner), and some extras. Just on the big centers, and cities, especially in France, they are a bit more expensive;

7.On the small towns and Villages on the French countryside there is not a good internet resource. Especially on the weekends;

8.All the prices on the boards at the hotels, are perfectible negotiable, different from the hotel in South America;

9.You have to pay attention about the speed limits; a fee in Euros is just something to remember forever!;

10.In the tourist cities, it is feasible do not find lodging on the weekends;

11.The condition of the roads in these countries, are superb. Even the ones which are not tolls, is superior to ours in Brazil;

12.It seems that in the Portuguese small cities, the lodging are difficult to find;

13.In the general, all waitress are very ceremonial, almost strict, try do not call them with whistles, hands or ask to photograph for you;

14.It is polite to live about 5 or 10% of your hotel/restaurant bill as a Tip. It is not included on the bill, are we are get used in Brazil.


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