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Northeast with a tricycle - 2004

Cicero and Lourdes


April has been a month which we undertakes long trips by motorbike, whose objective surpasses to know places or cultures, therefore searchs something differentiated, where it is present challenges to be surpassed.

It was of this form that in 2002 we made the passage Florianópolis - Peru - Chile, saw been of the Acre, objectifying to know Macchu-Picchu and the Atacama Desert. In the year of 2003 it was the time to know the Patagonia and the Land of the Fire, specifically the most austral city of the planet, Ushuaia, beyond places as Perito Moreno Glacier and the Austral Carretera, road not paved that goes up to the Mountain range of Andes. Because of the snow in the Argentina Patagonia, only the last passage cannot be done.

In this year we understand that the moment to know a little more about the Brazilian Northeast, its landscape, its hospitable people and its customs. Evidently to make this trip by motorbike it is not a great challenge, for this reason we decide to acquire a tricycle and, exactly not knowing this type of vehicle, undertake the trip.

This acquisition, made from Internet, was manufactured in Barra Mansa City, next to Rio de Janeiro, place that would be our starting point.


Already in Barra Mansa, seeing the vehicle acquired from a virtual way, it did not disappoint us. We made the photographic registers, and then we embark and felt the difference to pilot something with 3 wheels, the sensation of walking of motorbike gives, however is resembled more to an automobile in driven by power terms. Initially, one stranger sensation and unreliability for making the first curves of the Mountain range of Araras "in a square shaped", however the adaptation was given faster than I expected.

Aquisição do Triciclo e saída, em Barra Mansa-RJ Barra Mansa City - The Start Point With Our Friends of the Group Livres Para Voar With Our Friends of the Group Livres Para Voar"-(Free for Fligt)

Our first "pit stop" was in Petrópolis City, where our friends from a Motorbike Club, know as Livres para Voar (Free for Fligt), known of long date. Despite they where already having a barbecue in the headquarters of MC , and we were a little tired, however, we stayed there. We were invited to stay the night at Ricardo and Tereza house's and on the following day, with others integrants from the motorbike group, we went to visit the small museum "House of Santos Dumont" in Petrópolis. After, we went to Itaipava City, where an exposition of old cars was taking place (...which can't be loose even for motorcyclists) The program in the afternoon was to have lunch in a small community of the Region.

Casa Santos Dumont, em Petrópolis-RJ Santos Dumont House - Petrópolis City-RJ Exposição de carros antigos, Itaipava-RJ Old Cars in Itaipava City-RJ

On monday, we left in direction to Além Paraíba City, preventing to return for the Capital. A challenge is initiated: talking about a vehicle with a central front wheel and two backs, the difficulty has if exempting of the inevitable holes (many, true "craters") of the highway. We do not leave that became a major problem, on the opposite, would be a challenge to surpass. Surprising, when passing for one of these "craters", we feel that something strange had occurred, therefore a side of the back suspension lowered, leaving the front wing supported on the tire. Hands to the workmanship! We take off the front wing and we started to come back, therefore we had passed for Além Paraíba City, which we passed. As our angels of the guard they are efficient, after a short passage in a small garage it was evidenced that we have a problem with the torsion bar, however we solve the problem in a space of reasonable time. We perceive the easiness that it is to deals with the traditional mechanics of the Volkswagen.

Primeiro problema mecânico First Mechanical Problem Somewhere in Espírito Santo State Somewhere in Espírito Santo State

We pass by Macaé, crossing in the west - east direction heading to Espirito Santo State, arriving on the dusk to the neighborhoods of Cachoeiro do Itapemirim City. To tell the truth, this was the first day effectively on the road.

In the following passage, now on BR 101 Highway, we cross Vitoria City, and we enter the of Bahia State without stopping in the localities of the south, that time we knew until Porto Seguro Beach, so, we spend the night in a pleasant small hotel not far from Itaparica Island. We had pretension to know the Morro de São Paulo Beach, however we come across with the problem to have to leave the tricycle in a place and to make one definitive passage of boat. As we accommodated belongings in two leather bags, we would have to take them with us, we abort the idea. Perhaps on the way back!

First the great attraction was to know points tourist of Salvador City, as the Farol da Barra, Pelourinho, which is declared a world cultural monument by Unesco, with its beautiful architecture and the typical “baianas”, the Lacerda Elevator, etc.

Baianas do Pelourinho, em Salvador The Tradicional "Baianas" - Salvador City Elevador Lacerda Lacerda Elevator

Leaving the Salvador City, we face the first one (and last) "been without gasoline". One more times the efficiency of the angels of the guard: it had a gas station less than 20 meters. Passing by Lauro de Freitas we try to contact a biker friend, however we do not find he at his house. We went back on the road; now for the call "Road of the Coconut", track in good conditions, stopping only in Arembepe to observe some thing on the Tamar Project (preservation of marines turtles). One more time the difficulty to leave the tricycle with the stock markets, or either, if goes one, is the other taking care of belongings, what it started to bother me.

Arembepe Beach - Tamar Project Sea Turtles Arembepe Beach - Tamar Project(Sea Turtles) Chegando em Sergipe Arriving in Sergipe State

In the verge of Sergipe with Alagoas, in the Propriá City, we stayed in a hotel to the edges of the San Francisco River; where we could appreciate all the beauty of the "Old Chico", well know in songs and verses. A beauty sun set gave it a more special aspect to the landscape.

Rio São Francisco - Propriá - Divisa Sergipe / Alagoas São Francisco River - Separating the states Sergipe/Alagoas

We follow in direction to the others northeasters states, with only a small stop in Maceió City. In Pernambuco State we do not visit Recife City, when it is possible, we avoid the tumult of the great cities. Already in Paraíba State, after a confused arrival to the capital João Pessoa City and with some difficulty to find a hotel. On the following day we visit the Ponta Seixas, more eastern part of Americas and appreciate the beauty of the maritime edge, with the traditional coconut palms, landscape that, practically, if repeats in all northeast cities.

The friendly and the cordiality of northeastern people, in all the places where we passed, was something surprising. Almost always people come to us, asking information about the trip and the tricycle, of the type: how much it spends... how much cost… what we always tried to answer.

Chegando a Pernambuco Arriving in Pernambuco State Ponta Seixas - Paraíba Ponta Seixas-Paraíba State - Point more oriental of the Continent

In Mossoró, a big city of Rio Grande do Norte State, we contact a friend Luiz Lima, from the Motorbike Club GUARDIÕES DA LIBERDADE (Guardian of the Freedom) that we knew only from the Internet. Very helpful, he came with his wife and another couple friend. On the evening we went out for a pizza and, in the following day, gently he guided the steps repair that were made necessary in relation maintenance of the tricycle and acquisition of properly saddlebags that we intended to install, objectifying to finish with the question not to be able to leave the alone vehicle without having that to take the luggage together. We met other integrant of the MC, them we mailed the empty luggage through the Post Office and follow trip, now in direction to Fortaleza City, not without before making a stop in Canoa Quebrada Beach, local of rare beauty.

Friend's in Mossoró City Friend's in Mossoró City Canoa Quebrada - Ceará Canoa Quebrada Beach - Ceará State

Arriving at Fortaleza City, we stayed in a hotel of Iracema Beach, where we could observe all the bubbling nightlife of this City. In the following day, while the three-wheel one was submitted to one deserved revision, we undertake a maritime trip to appreciate the beauty sunset of Fortaleza City.

Fortaleza - passeio marítimo Fortaleza City - Of Boat for the Beach Amigos motociclistas de Fortaleza Friend's in Fortaleza City

On the evening, we contact another friend of us, Luiz Almeida from the Motorbike Club, ESQUADRÃO DO ASFALTO (Squadron of the Asphalt), which also, we knew just from the Internet. He took us to know the Club, where we where introduce to the other integrants and we receive a t-shirt as a gift. We went to have dinner and to chat about what more we like, in this case, in double, therefore Luiz is also writing a book.


The hour to return has become. We are not adepts to come back for the same way, however at this time we did not have another option, or better, we would have, if we decided to come back through a alternative way and face roads in really bad conditions as we where informed by the locals. As three-wheel is not a motorbike trail...

Anyway, we would use the advantage to visit places that, could not have been seen in the way gone. Before Mossoró City, for indication of all friends Luiz of Fortaleza City, we made a small stop in "Redonda Beach " to eat some lobster we found unjust to go to the Northeast and not having this incredible crustacean.

After this, here a second mechanical problem appears: disruption of a retainer of the box, passing oil for the clutch record, making with that it was sliding when in the fourth march. We stop in Mossoró City to solve this problem and, once more, everything was solved faster than we expected. Unfortunately we could not manage to have contact again with our friends, whose had received us so well before. Some hundreds of kilometers after, the third and last mechanical problem appears; this time a rolling in a back wheel. Nothing that any mechanic of roadside cannot repair – or, it would be our efficient guardian angel’s?

Porto de Galinhas - PE Porto de Galinhas Beach Terceiro problema mecânico Third Mechanical Problem

One of the places that we intended to visit in the return was Porto de Galinhas Beach, in Pernambuco State, with its incredible natural swimming pools e, in the immediacy, the estuary of the Maracaípe River, with fens of incredible beauty, where went for a canoe trip and we had incredible crabs for lunch.

Chapada Diamantina - Morro do Pai Inácio Chapada Diamantina - Pai Inácio's Hill Maracaipe - PE Maracaipe Swamp

To know the Chapada Diamantina, in the center of Bahia State, also was in our plans and, returning to that State, we went there. Regrettable the roads were in so precarious conditions that almost regret to have taken this decision, however, the sacrifice was valid when we find ourselves in the top of Pai Inácio's Hill, with its 300m of height, where if it has the best view of the Chapada Diamantina, or to visit the cave know as Poço Encantado, with its crystalline waters of 60m of depth, whose sun rays illuminate until the deep.

Chapada Diamantina - Poço Encantado Chapada Diamantina - Poço Encantado Cave Amiga Jane - V. Rio Branco - MG Friend Jane - Visconde do Rio Branco City

We leave the Chapada Diamantina in direction to the Minas Gerais State, observing small cities in the "way to nothing", with extremely humble people and, why not to say, scared with our strange vehicle.

We also visit a biker friend in Visconde do Rio Branco City, next to Juiz De Fora City, a big city of Minas Gerais State, of where we leave direct Barra Mansa City for a last revision of the vehicle, now in at the fabric.

In the following day we take the direction to São Paulo City and Curitiba City (with much rain), for, finally, receiving a hug of all the family in the return to Florianópolis City, after 19 days in the road, 8,700 kilometers covered, crossing 13 Brazilian States and to have tried some mechanical problems, which was normal and expected in an archetype mounted with diverse reconditioned parts.

Recepção da Família Reception of the Family

Cícero & Lourdes

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